The Beauty of a Ceramic Tile with
the Durability of Concrete Masonry.

Spectra Glaze®

Spectra Glaze

The beauty of a ceramic tile with the durability of concrete masonry.

Westbrook Concrete Block is proud to announce the construction of our new Spectra Glaze manufacturing facility in Westbrook, Connecticut.

Spectra Glaze concrete masonry units have set the international standard for glazed finishes integrally bonded to concrete block. Innovative, cost-saving and high performance, Spectra Glaze is a pre-finished concrete block that can be used in a multitude of applications worldwide. It is a perfect design solution for educational, veneer, medical, aquatic, and mechanical room applications. Providing the beauty of a ceramic tile with the durability and structural integrity of concrete masonry, it offers a wide variety of colors and is resistant to soiling, chemicals, markings, impact, abrasion and much more. Spectra Glaze is fire-safe and meets USDA and OSHA requirements for sanitary walls and cleanroom applications. With a wide range of shapes and sizes Spectra Glaze fits all your design needs.

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View our available block shapes:



S-1 Special Black

S-2 Special Gray Flannel

S-3 Deep Frost Gray

S-4 Light Frost Gray

S-5 Heather

S-6 Custom Clear

S-7 Custom Buff

S-8 Sagebrush

S-9 Butter Scotch

S-10 Light Tampico Gray

S-11 Deep Tampico Gray

S-12 Special Brown

S-13 Deep Iris Blue

S-14 Light Iris Blue

S-15 Deep Kingston Blue

S-16 Light Kingston Blue

S-17 Deep Astra Blue

S-18 Light Astra Blue

S-19 Deep Bermuda Blue

S-20 Light Bermuda Blue

S-21 Deep Peacock Green

S-22 Light Peacock Green

S-23 Deep Hemlock Green

S-24 Light Hemlock Green

S-25 Deep Leaf Green

S-26 Light Leaf Green

S-27 Deep Olive Green

S-28 Light Olive Green

S-29 Deep Spring Green

S-30 Light Spring Green

S-31 Deep Tropic Yellow

S-32 Light Tropic Yellow

S-33 Deep Capri Yellow

S-34 Light Capri Yellow

S-35 Deep Honey

S-36 Light Honey

S-37 Deep Desert Yellow

S-38 Light Desert Yellow

S-39 Deep Mushroom Brown

S-40 Light Mushroom Brown

S-41 Deep Cinnamon

S-42 Light Cinnamon

S-43 Deep Pumpkin

S-44 Light Pumpkin

S-45 Deep Swedish Red

S-46 Light Swedish Red

S-47 Deep Sierra Red

S-48 Light Sierra Red

Applications of Spectra Glaze

Spectra Glaze is the perfect pre-finished concrete masonry unit for your design. By providing an economical and graffiti resistant block, Spectra Glaze can withstand the harshest of conditions while providing the finish your design team desires. This product has the versatility to act as a stand alone showcase piece or as an accent band to any one of our other great products.

Applications include:

  • Educational facilities
  • Mechanical and manufacturing plants
  • Natatorium and swimming complexes
  • Intricate veneers and showpiece walls
  • Bathrooms and shower facilities
  • Corrections and prisons
  • Clean rooms and medical facilities
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