We help turn glass bottles sitting in New York landfills into strong concrete blocks and bricks.

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Pozzotive Aggregate

The Pozzotive replaces up to 30% of the cement we use to make a concrete block. Every ton of Pozzotive saves about one ton of CO2 emissions.

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Stronger & More Useful

Lab tests by the National Concrete Masonry Association say that our blocks can handle roughly 3x more loading pressure per square inch than the industry standard.

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Featured Products

Westbrook Block is proud to introduce our newest additions to our Masonry Line: Spectra Glaze, Omni Block, and WESTBRICKS.  These offer a few more practical and striking design solutions for any building.

Benefits of using Pozzotive in architectural CMU:

  • Meets and exceeds ASTM standards for ASTM c90 and ASTM c1634
  • Is stronger, denser, with lower permeability
  • Is environmentally responsible
  • Contributes to sustainable construction
  • Helps the project quality for LEED Materials and Resource credits

Uses over 97% regionally harvested, extracted and manufactured materials.

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About Us

From our humble beginnings of a Patriarch that worked tirelessly to provide for his family, generations of the Orsina Family have worked to make Westbrook Concrete Block a leading National Masonry Supplier.  We aim to elevate the Industry and strive to provide applications of block through our line of products, finishes, and our spectrum of colors that are both sustainable, decorative, and hold unprecedented strength.

Innovation means more than just introducing a new product or providing a different spin on an industry standard. To us, innovation means striving to deliver the highest quality goods, and creating unique products that stand out among the rest.  The future of the Industry drives us, while our past defines us.  Quality, Innovation, and Pride these are the foundation that has brought Westbrook Concrete Block to where it is today.

  • 2020 Green Initiative

    Westbrook Concrete Block is invested not only in the Masonry Industry but in Sustainable Construction.  Our 2020 Green Initiative takes the concepts of understanding our the effect on the environment and allows us to provide the same High Quality Products we have for over 70 years while limiting our carbon footprint.

  • Pozzotive

    Pozzotive is a high performance pozzolan, made from 100% recycled post-consumer glass. This glass is diverted from multiple post-consumer waste streams, including bottle redemption and curbside pickup. The glass is processed to remove all organics, and then milled to a precisely graded, powder-like substance in a size appropriate for Portland Cement replacement. Pozzotive can be used in a multitude of products, such as our architectural CMU and WESTBRICKS™.

  • Innovation

    We have been innovators in the concrete block industry for over 70 years, always searching for a way to improve on the manufacture of the concrete masonry unit (CMU). With the release of Spectra Glaze by Westbrook, Omni Block, and WESTBRICKS™. Westbrook continues to be lead the Industry in Innovation.

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