Omniblock Fire ratings

The Omni Block System 8 has a calculated R-20.2 (U=0.049) rating per qualified independent third-party thermal analysis at 105 lb density. Most HVAC engineers and energy specialists agree that there is more to wall energy efficiency than just the R-value of a heavy-weight material. Exposed thermal mass, thermal lag and air-tightness of concrete block walls increase the “performance value” that is routinely used or inputted into computer programs, such as ResCheck or ComCheck. The increased R-24.6 for Omni Block was derived from an ASHRAE calculation method of 90.1 and has been used for years without exception, including Certainteed’s Environments For Living guaranteed utility program.

Independent analysis of Omni Block’s reduced thermal bridging, off-set cross webs, and middle lineal wall configuration combined with two layers of continuous insulation allowing for the voids in the insulation where the cross webs occur was completed. The results were consistent with building performance and actual building energy utility costs.

Unit Classification
Fire Rating
8x8x16″ OMNI 12x8x16″ OMNI
Light Weight 2 Hr. 4 Hr.
Normal Weight 2 Hr. 4 Hr.
Profile Units
– Split Face, Ground Face, Polished Face – All Colors
2 Hr. 4 Hr.