We have been innovators in the concrete block industry for over 70 years, always searching for a way to improve on the manufacture of the concrete masonry unit (CMU). We are more than just a local producer of gray block — we aim to elevate the applications of block through our line of finishes and our spectrum of colors, providing block that is cost effective, environmentally-safe, strong and decorative.

Innovation means more than just introducing a new product or providing a different spin on an industry standard. To us, innovation means striving to deliver the highest quality goods, and creating unique products that stand out among the rest — a block that is both structural and decorative made out of recycled glass? We can do that!

In the 1980s, we introduced insulation product line, eliminating the need for on-site labor to insulate masonry walls, increasing the R-value and improving the dew point and sound transmission resistance of CMU. In the 1990s, we helped develop Decro Face, a stylish alternative to the rugged texture of Split Face. Realizing that CMUs could add intrigue to both interiors and exteriors, we began crafting our extensive line of colors. At the request of architects nationwide, that collection has grown to over 300 unique color and aggregate combinations, and continues to grow today.

In the 2000s we expanded our line to include both Ground Face and Polished Face, a finish that exposes the natural beauty of the aggregates used in their manufacture. Each unit undergoes a precise three-stage process of manufacture, grinding, and polishing to add a shine and luster similar to that of marble or granite. These integrally colored blocks resist fading and will maintain their inherent beauty throughout the life of the building with little or no maintenance in both interior and exterior applications.

This decade we launched our exclusive line of Polished Textured block with a smooth polished texture, and the dimensionality of natural aggregate. As each block goes through the high-shine polishing process, the natural texture of the aggregate is retained and reflected in the surface texture.

We are constantly looking to respond to the needs of the architectural and construction (AEC) community. If you have a specific need or application and can’t find what you’re looking for, we’d like to hear from you.