Retaining Wall

A retaining wall is built as a structural wall. Its primary function is to support soil behind it or any loads or weight from above. Westbrook Block’s Allan Block® retaining wall system is the easiest, most durable and most cost effective retaining wall product on the market. Allan Block’s flexibility of design, wide assortment of sizes, styles and colors makes them the preferred product for retaining wall construction. Retaining walls can be built to support roadways and parking lots, control and manage water flow, and to develop hillsides into buildable property. In addition to larger retaining walls, smaller scale garden or landscape walls using Allan Blocks function to add definition or character to a site, improve drainage, terrace a hillside, or to shape an entry.

Colors Available

  • Bronze

  • Seina

  • Smoke

  • Brownstone

  • Natural

  • Granite

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