Westbrook Concrete Block Company produces units that can be pre-insulated with  KORFIL® or ICON®  CMU insulation. By placing inserts in blocks, there is a significant improvement in the thermal efficiency of masonry walls.
These two types of insulation are cost competitive with both polystyrene beads and pumped in place cellular foam, but offer several advantages including:

  • Eliminate the need for on-site labor to insulate masonry walls.
  • Insulation R-value does not deteriorate with moisture or aging.
  • Allow space within the cores for the escape of moisture. This space also allows for easy installation of utilities within the wall.
  • Can be handled by masons just as easily as uninsulated blocks.
  • Are cost-competitive when compared to the various other methods used to insulate concrete blocks.
  • Have no effect on the fire rating of conventional concrete block walls.
  • Improve both the dewpoint and sound transmission resistance of ordinary concrete blocks.*

All units, including Split face, Ground Face, Ground Face Polished, Brick Block ect. can be insulated.

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